Worst of both worlds

Question “Ok, we understand the idea that the overall goal of integration is bringing together the best of both worlds – German approach and American approach. For example, German thoroughness and American speed and flexibility. But how do we react when we find ourselves bringing together the worst of both … Read more

Persuade with processes

Question “I’ve always been baffled by how Germans can attempt to persuade by referring to processes and certificates. That is certainly a cultural issue which even after 14 years I’m not willing to accept.” UC You are baffled. When Germans refer to processes and certificates it does not persuade you. Why … Read more

Help! What can we do?

Question “Germans love processes and procedures and rules. Our American point of view is: “Processes are man-made. We can change them.” Customers in the U.S. find it difficult to do business with us as a German company: “Too inflexible.” We are constantly debating internal business rules. We struggle to get things done. … Read more

Just trust the system

Question “In the U.S. market everything is done in a hurry. Shipments come from Germany. We in the U.S. want to know when the shipment will arrive. Germany: “I did my part, can’t help you.” We have to chase down the shipment. Where is it in the process? Our minds … Read more