Yes, let’s give it a try

Question “Before making a commitment our German colleagues like as much clarity as possible up-front. However, developing opportunities in the U.S. business context is an on-going, interative process together with the customer. The goal is to understand and define their needs.  In other words, the nature of the commitments with … Read more

Meetings: Americans come and go

Question “Whereas most American colleagues participate for the full duration of a meeting, other American colleagues come and go. Why?” UC There is a very pragmatic answer to that question: Americans will participate in those parts of a meeting which are relevant to their work. They come for that particular … Read more

Email and CC:

Question “Whenever I send emails I do my best to copy my German colleagues on the cc: line. I want to keep them in the information-loop. But they do not always put me on the cc: line of their emails. Why don’t they keep me in the loop?” UC This … Read more

American English

Question “We Germans refer to peoples from North America, Central America and South America as Americans. We refer to those who live in the United States as US-Americans, in German US-Amerikaner. And we refer to the English they speak as American English or amerikanisches Englisch. How do (US)-Americans react when … Read more

Americans want constant updates

Question “It seems that Americans want constant updates, and that Germans want first to get it perfect. Why?” UC Both statements so true! And they involve several foundational topics. Let’s look at three: Americans are pragmatic, “down and dirty.” Whereas Germans are perfectionists. Both logics work, but not necessarily in … Read more

Personality or Arguments

Question “When Americans are in persuasion-mode what is more important the power of personality or the power of facts and Argumente (reason, points, arguments, making the case)? And why is it so?” UC This is an exceptionally critical (as in important) question. It goes to the heart of one of the major … Read more

Disney tricked us!

Question “In the Disney Store the young saleswomen dressed as Mickey Mouse were so nice, so sweet to us and our children, as if they wanted to take us in their arms and cuddle with us. Just as quickly, however, it became clear that it was all show. That sudden … Read more