People from different countries. Collaborating on a daily basis. Tens of millions of them. In companies and organizations. Large, medium and small.

People in all sorts of sectors. Automotive. Energy. Finance. Healthcare. Pharma. In all sorts of disciplines. Engineering. Manufacturing. Marketing. Supply.

And these folks work at all levels of their organizations. C-Suite. Senior-level management. Team-leads. Individual contributors. New hires. Interns.

What do they have in common? Working in and across borders, countries, cultures. Americans. Brazilians. Chinese. Germans. Indians. Koreans.

But wait !

There are differences between cultures. The differences are in foundational areas. They influence the success of cross-border teams.

This is a space where those people can engage with each other. Where you and your colleagues can ask and respond to each other’s questions.

Both discuss-culture and apply-culture are services of understand-culture. They complement each other: understand, discuss, apply.